On the Road to The Georgia Hemp Co.


I was ready to burn my vision board, shred my calendar and trash my planner. I mean, why not!? Covid-19 canceled Table 4 Twenty’s “Modern Renaissance” dinner party, my partner quit, the chef ghosted me (stay tuned for a future post on that), in-person events were shut down, all private reservations were canceled, and there was no team to execute anything, virtual or otherwise. But, as Winston Churchill once said, "if you're going through hell, keep going" so that’s what I did!

Since Table for Twenty's inception, I have wanted to do more for our members, who I lovingly call my CannaBuddys. This was the perfect time to enhance T4T’s offering, now we offer cannabidiol (CBD) products for people to create their own infused experiences, discounting these goods specifically for members. Through networking with (and light stalking) folks in the industry, finally, I was pointed in the direction of @thegeorgiahempcompany who would catapult me forward in opening our online CBD Store.


The Georgia Hemp Company is my first affiliate partner so it was important for me to choose an organization I trusted and products I enjoyed. And I lovvve their products. Of course, I went bananas & tried entire product lines at a time but even more...


I’ve met almost everyone at Georgia Hemp. I've had zoom calls with the owners to shipping strategy discussions with the budtenders on the front line. They are all awesome, helped me roll with some MAJOR punches (a future post on that to come) and now I’m able to offer my favorite products to my CannaBuddies through this collaboration.


Through this venture, everything has been streamlined. I am beyond thankful for not only the connection to The GA Hemp Co. but also—and even more glad—that I kept going! Talk about a hero's journey! But just wait until you read more about how I even got to Georgia and built a Chicago DREAMTEAM from here…

Stay Tuned!

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